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Barrio Santa Cruz

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Tourist Information
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The Giralda Tower

 La Giralda de Sevilla

Seville, Spain - Sevilla, España

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The popular Giralda of Seville is really the old minaret of the twelfth century Almohad mosque, transformed into the bell tower of the Cathedral.  It is topped by a weathervane called the Giraldillo (the name Giraldillo, and by extension Giralda, comes from this weathervane, as it is seen to turn, or girar, in the wind).  The Giralda is the most famous sight in Seville and its most popular symbol, with a height of 94 meters. 

   Its present appearance was determined by the Cathedral Council in 1558, when they commissioned architect Hernán Ruiz to remodel the tower’s top.  The project lasted ten years and achieved a prodigious harmony, blending the architecture of two different cultures separated in time by four centuries.

Climb up comfortable ramps to the top of the Giralda bell tower lookout.  Once above, the view laid out at your feet is spectacular: towers, domes, belfries, terraces, plazas, and gardens; the labyrinthine streets of Barrio Santa Cruz; the Plaza de Toros Real Maestranza, the Torre del Oro, the Guadalquivir River and its bridges: the Centenario bridge, the las Delicias, the los Remedios, the San Trelmo, the Triana, the Cachorro, the La Cartuja, and Alamillos; the Island of La Cartuja, site of the 1992 World Fair… surrounding Seville, you see the Aljarafe and Alcores hills, and beyond those glimmers of the Northern edge of the Sevillian Sierra.

You are invited to visit some monuments in Santa Cruz District, Seville

| Catedral | La Giralda | El Giraldillo | Patio de los Naranjos |

Reales Alcázares | Palacio Arzobispal | Convento de la Encarnación| Archivo de Indias | Templete del Triunfo |

Hospital de Venerables Sacerdotes |

Apartments Suites Santa Cruz - Seville

Plaza de los Venerables

Barrio de Santa Cruz

Fax +34 95 456 38 06

41004 Sevilla

We have left behind many corners to discover,

go on and discover them,

it will be an enchantment for your senses!

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